2019-10-07 21:09

Matthew Wong, Whose Indelible Canvases Charted New Paths for Landscape Painting, Is Dead at 35

But he enjoyed shooting photographs, and in 2010 enrolled in the City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media’s M.F.A. photography program. It was not an ideal experience for him. Even towards the end of my degree I felt I had gained no real skills or prospects that could take me forward in the professional world,” he said in that same interview. And so, in 2012, I considered drawing for the first time—maybe as a last resort to find something to hold on to,” he went on. At first I just bought a cheap sketch pad along with a bottle of ink and made a mess every day in my bathroom randomly pouring ink onto pages—smashing them together—hoping something interesting was going to come out of it. Pretty soon that was the only activity that sustained me in my daily routine.”

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