2019-10-07 21:37

Any Answers: Jeff Wall

I fell in love with the granular surface of a photograph. Some people say, Photographs are all surface. Paintings have this depth and texture.’ I get what they’re saying. But photography has this swarming molecular grain, which I find so beautiful. When photographs are large, you get the sense that you’re being vaporised into grain.

I’m not interested in narrative. My pictures are a web of narrative impulses that people have and need. But none of my pictures have scenarios. Scenarios suggest narrative lines. Films have scenarios, and I don’t make films.

My photographs are compositions. Francis Bacon once said, I like to bring as many figures together as I can without there being any narrative.” I totally agree with him. It’s a great way of articulating the aim of pictorial art. I don’t want people to be able to say what’s happening straight away.

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