2020-02-05 11:32

DAMIEN HIRST On the Way to Work - Discussion with Gordon Burn (2002)

… the more I change it, the more I’m talking about myself. Whereas the less I change it, the more I’m talking about a kind of universal idea.

I don’t think you can change people’s minds without getting them to listen to you. 

It means that you don’t want to die. It boils down to immortality. I want to live forever. 

You’ve got to admit that you’re a boring cunt at some point. 

The idea of a painter is so much greater than the idea of a sculptor or an artist.

Great art is when you come across an object and you have a fundamental, personal, one-on-one relationship with it, and you understand something you didn’t already understand about what it means to be alive. That’s why people with loads of money want to possess it … But they can’t. Throw money at art, you get nothing back. You die. Then where does it go? 

Without that, I’ve got nothing. 

I love the way art really doesn’t affect the world. … I want to affect the world obliquely. 

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